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Mindful Practice

Mindfulness is the opposite of mindlessness and building mindfulness takes practice.

Women & Anxiety

The relationship between women and anxiety is intricate and multifaceted. Women often face unique social, cultural, and biological factors that can contribute to the prevalence of anxiety. This complex interplay underscores the importance of tailored support and understanding in promoting mental well-being for women. Understanding the unique ways in which women experience this ever-changing world is a valuable aspect in therapy.

LGBTQ+ Therapy

You’re Not in this Alone

This world might not have been built with you in mind but you are here and your experience is real.  Finding ways to navigate can be overwhelming; you don’t have to do it alone.  Working with a counselor can be one of the tools in your resource belt.

LGBTQ therapy is a safe and affirming space for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community to explore their unique experiences and challenges. This specialized form of therapy provides culturally sensitive support, addressing issues such as coming out, identity exploration, and navigating societal biases. It promotes mental and emotional well-being by embracing and celebrating diverse identities and experiences.

Breaking the Cycle

Things are different now, and we want to do it better than it was done before.  

Therapy serves as a vital path to breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma. Through a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship, individuals can explore and process inherited emotional wounds and coping patterns. Therapy helps uncover the roots of trauma, offers tools for healing, and empowers individuals to build healthier, resilient legacies for future generations.

Cultural Trauma

Nurturing Resilience and Reconciliation

If you have experienced hostility where others have experienced acceptance, you are not alone.  

Treating cultural trauma in therapy involves acknowledging and addressing the collective wounds carried by marginalized communities due to historical injustices and systemic discrimination. Therapists provide a culturally sensitive space to explore these traumas, fostering healing, resilience, and empowerment. By validating experiences and promoting understanding, therapy helps individuals and communities reclaim their cultural identity and work towards reconciliation and social change. Working with a therapist can help redefine your prospective, shift toxic internalizations, and heal deep wounds.

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