Mindfulness is the state of active, open attention to the present.  If Mindfulness is a word you’ve heard before defined by meditation, I want to help you understand it is much more than just meditation.  The intentional act of being present may seem so simple yet it is so incredibly impactful.  Some, including me, say it’s the secret to life.  Learning from my own personal practice and the practice of others’ as well as the surmounting scientific research, it is evident Mindfulness is a game-changer for our physical and emotional health.

Below you will find many resources to aid your journey of mindfulness.

Learning more about Mindfulness…

The link below will connect you to a wonderful article from Mindful.org about Getting Started with Mindfulness.

Getting Some Headspace

Headspace offers some excellent free resources.  Below are several videos that address a range of activities and helpful topics.  You can use the button to connect to a full list of Headspace’s resources.

3-minute Practice Breathwork for Focus and Anxiety

2-minute Grounding

11-minute guided meditation for mental health

8-minute guided meditation for anxiety

11-minute guided meditation for Injustice

10-minute guided meditation for Self-Love

25-minute Calming, Restorative Yoga Flow for Gentle Movement

45-minute Deep Sleep Music for Relaxing and Falling Asleep


Another great resource for building a meditation practice is Calm.  The image on the right will lead you to a free 30-day meditation challenge and the button below will take you to Calm’s archive of helpful articles.

Mindfulness on the Go

There are several mobile apps that help people bring mindfulness into their day-to-day lives.  Both Headspace and Calm offer free-trials for their premium subscriptions.  However, I want to link you to two free apps that are great alternatives.

Exploring the Science

If you would like to learn more about the research supporting the effectiveness of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), check out this short article from the American Psychological Association.

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